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Emploi Bioinformaticien/bioinformaticienne à Montréal

Offre ajoutée par: Groupe perspective montréal

Ville: Montréal
Nombre de postes: 1
Date de publication: 2016-09-22
Date prévue de début: 2016-10-24
Salaire: à discuter
Conditions d’emploi: permanent temps plein jour


As part of the Bioinformatics group, the Bioinformatician/Biostatistician is involved in study design, quality control and analysis of proteomic mass spectrometry data, results visualization and reporting. The Bioinformatician/Biostatistican is responsible for the data processing of raw mass spectrometry data, choice of statistical methodology, the writing of the statistical analysis plan, carrying out the analyses and providing interpretations and conclusions that can be derived from the results. The successful candidate will also perform ad-hoc analyses and advise the scientific team on general bioinformatics and statistical questions and data analysis. The Bioinformatician/Biostatistician is expected to propose and implement new quality control and data analysis procedures and/or improve existing ones.

Main responsabilities: Provide significant input into the design of clinical proteomic studies.

Perform analysis of mass spectrometry data using the Elucidator software, Mascot, OMSSA, X!Tandem, Peptide/Protein Prophet, etc.

Evaluate protein annotations and proteomics mass spectrometry databases.

Provide biological annotations, and automate their extraction, parsing, transformation and loading from public or in-house databases.

Propose and implement novel quality control and data analysis procedures.

Provide clear visualization and summary of analysis results.

Provide scientific recommendations on how to improve the quality of the results and the throughput of the research platform.

Perform ad-hoc analysis to evaluate data quality or improve the understanding of the results.

Write formal Statistical Analysis Plans for complex studies.

Create randomization schemes for sample processing.

Perform statistical analyses of data (differential expression, classification) and interpret results to ensure validity of conclusions.

Write and review statistical sections for protocols and study reports.


Compétences : Requirements M.Sc.

or Ph.D.

in Biostatistics, Statistics, Bioinformatics or related field of study.

Three years of work experience in proteomics or related field.

Experience with a variety of statistical methods including general linear models (e.g., ANOVA), logistic regression, univariate and multivariate analyses, and longitudinal analyses.

Experience in predictive modeling, classification and discriminant analysis is strongly desirable.

Experience with R, C++, scripting language (PERL, Python, etc.).

Experience with relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL.

Solid understanding of molecular biology, proteomics and mass spectrometry.

Strong oral and written communication skills.

Good interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively as part of a fast paced research team.

Niveau de scolarité

Universitaire Terminé


3 à 5 années d'expérience

Heures par semaine



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